Children’s book, named “Practice, Practice, Practice and its message”

Children’s book, named “Practice, Practice, Practice and its message”

While I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s blogs, I’ve not been particularly interested in writing one. However, I recently had the opportunity to read a new, soon to hit the market, children’s book, named “Practice, Practice, Practice”, that was the creation of Hoopieville Books. One of the things that drew me to the book was that it originates in my home state of West Virginia and it’s always a good feeling to see my fellow Mountaineer’s become successful and send out positive messages to the rest of the world.

The premise of the story surrounds a group of friends, who come from different cultures and backgrounds, encouraging each other to become the best that they can be in sports and in life as they grow up together. The children are Black and White, Asian and Hispanic, but the color of their skin is the least of their concerns. It’s all about caring for each other and encouraging each other and having fun in the process. I wish all children, regardless of ethnic or financial background were always given the opportunity to grow up with friends like the ones in the book.

It also makes me realize that the book could/should also send a message to Parents, Aunts and Uncles, Coaches, Teachers, Grandparents, to Local, National and International Politicians, Religious Leaders and their followers, and to those that have no particular affiliation to any of these groups. It may sound trite to say it but, Our Children are our Future, and it’s important that they are provided with the right messages from each of the above individuals and groups so that they grow up to be accepting of others, and receive and provide the encouragement from and to others that they may meet through out their lives.

We should all Practice to be the best role models that we can be so that the message to our children is one of tolerance, patience, acceptance and encouragement. We should all Practice being good citizens of the Earth that we live on so that we protect our resources that give and sustain life to all of us. We should all Practice to seek truth from untruth and unpins the spin that we are subjected to each day of our lives. We should all Practice not to be a bully and not to accept being bullied by those people that would try to control your thought process or your movements. We should Practice not to impose our personal beliefs, be they religious or political, on others, but to listen and learn their points of view and to understand that they also have the same right to their beliefs as yourself. We should all Practice to read and understand and do our best to remove the hate and divisiveness that assails us everyday. We should all Practice to accept that we don’t know it all and be prepared to adjust our opinions when presented with evidence contrary to what we believe to be true.

The list of Practices goes on and on throughout each of our lifetimes and the easiest route is, sometimes, to just go with the flow. But if we want our children to inherit a tolerant, life sustaining, beautiful place, we must all Practice, Practice, Practice!

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