What Does Society Expect of Teachers?

What Does Society Expect of Teachers?

Society still has people who love to teach, nurture, and guide young people to their optimum personal and professional potential.  These people are called teachers. Teachers, as we all know, are the least respected and lowest paid, especially when everyone expects them to grade papers at home, conference with parents on their own time, and attend meetings and school events outside work hours with no pay.  No business person, plumber, carpenter, doctor, or billable hours lawyer donates their professionally trained hours. The people called to teach are dedicated to their own demise. Society calls upon them to donate their entire life, even to the exclusion of their own health, salary, and time with their own families.

As professionally trained teachers, teachers are still subjected to constant ridicule form students, parents, administration of the schools, and the press.  Remember, teachers were professionally trained. So why the insurmountable demands for additional professional development and the constant complaints from administrators that during their two-minute walk throughs that they didn’t see a week’s worth of instruction.

The teachers are expected to teach children, who are coming to school with no sleep, no breakfast, no guidance, no support structure at home, and without their medicine. Cell phones in their hands that receive texts and calls from parents during class time.

The exorbitant amounts of educational dollars spent on consultant groups instead of students is an insult to teachers.  If the consultants really want to make a difference in education that they would practice teaching. The use of consultants causes extra paperwork for teachers who are required to produce the justification for the work.

Lastly, no one will ever achieve acceptable test scores.  This would put consultants, publishers, and test producers out of business.  Scores that are now being used against teachers for pay. Higher scoring schools will recruit the higher test scoring teachers.  This will leave our rural schools more desperate for teachers that we are now. Our educational system seems to continue to find people to fill positions such as: doctors, lawyers, construction workers, plumbers, welfare recipients, criminals regardless of the now complicated educational process in our society.

Parents interested in change need to ask their local board offices and attend meetings for the answers to the following questions:  Where is our money being spent as voting taxpayers? What are you doing to support our teachers? What can I do about the one or two students in the classroom that prevent my child from receiving his/her education?   What about bullying? What about classroom décor? What to do about repulsive bathrooms?